Clients & Partners

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What They've Said

“Samantha is remarkably creative, smart, and

proactive. She is extremely organized and capable

of effectively juggling numerous demands at once.

Most importantly, she is able to independently take

a complex task and bring it through to a successful

conclusion. She’s the kind of person who gets more

done in a day than many do in a week.” 

-Michael Petricone, Consumer Technology Association



Samantha has produced not only

a compelling video that highlights Limelight’s ease of

use, but has also delivered a memorable version of

Johnny Cash’s classic Ring of Fire. We are

extremely grateful for her talents, passion and vision

for this incredible song.”

-Michael Kauffman, Rightsflow/Google



“Packing a large theater was an achievement, but

the very positive feedback was incredible. During a

conference that had the President of EMI and the

Tour Manager for The Grateful Dead and Alice in

Chains, our attendees considered your session to

be the most enjoyable.” 

-Barry Sosnick, MEIEA Advisory Board