How We Serve

We create powerful stories using a variety of mediums including film, books, music and technology.  Taking authentic approaches to traditional problems breaks through the clutter and delivers results that surpass expectations.

Current Campaigns


I'm Not Really a Waitress Campaign

I'm Not Really A Waitress Campaign was created by Musical Activist Samantha Murphy and Happily Contented Media in order to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers.  Beginning with a facebook page we are empowering restaurant workers in the US in order to educate about the current and changing state of their livelihoods.  Many states haven't seen a raise in over 20 years and continue to receive no holiday pay, health insurance or sick leave, forcing them to work and handle food while ill.

Previous Campaigns

For beyondblue’s Heads Up B2B Campaign, we managed and were the voice of the Heads Up LinkedIn Group, serving as key client contact surrounding community building efforts. We worked on organic, grassroots outreach and achieved a number of highly successful partnerships for beyondblue. This campaign is LinkedIn Australia’s most successful B2B campaign ever, as of April 2015.

For the Consumer Technology Association's Digital Freedom Campaign, our Founder, musical activist Samantha Murphy, lectured and performed at universities and conferences across the U.S. over the course of six months.  Additionally she starred in and co-produced a commercial for the campaign, writing and recording the music and script.